La Viggni de Crest

The farmhouse

In our farm we take care of everything needed for the production of biscuits, sweets, wine and fruit juices. In the hectares of land surrounding the farmhouse you will find apple orchards, vineyards, beehives, wheat and rye crops, orchards and even some animal friends.


The main activity on the La Viggni De Crest farm is viticulture. We have 3 hectares of vineyards of various kinds, thanks to which we are able to produce Valle d’Aosta, white and red wine. In the months of September / October, we take care of the harvest. We process the grapes and bottle the wine directly in our Agriturismo.

Here are the main red wines and white wines that we produce and that you can taste during your stay at Viggni de Crest:

Red wines

White wines

Petit Rouge Chardonnay
Gamay Pinot Grigio
Fumin Muller Thurgau
Nebbiolo Gevuz Traminer

Bees and farming

Not only agriculture, but also beekeeping and breeding! Here in La Viggni de Crest we have 20 hives for the production of honey, which we partly resell and partly use to prepare super breakfasts.
And finally we also have some goose and hens, which produce a lot of eggs. Always at breakfast, Manuela’s homemade cakes and biscuits await you. A 0 km delight.

Crops, apples and orchards

In the various hectares of land surrounding the rooms, you can also find some fields of corn, rye and wheat, which we then use to make various types of flour.
Behind the houses, close to the hill, we have a small orchard that gives us cherries, apricots, peaches and pomegranates. But our strong point are apples! We have numerous apple trees of different qualities. You can certainly enjoy some good desserts based on seasonal fruit or drink a nice glass of our apple juice, processed and extracted in a natural way, directly in our farmhouse.

Enjoy your relaxing stay in Aosta Valley